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Three Reasons to Choose a Biocompatible Dentist

November 2, 2015

Your teeth play an important role, and not just for cosmetic purposes. The health of your smile has an impact on your body as a whole, influencing how your system deals with disease and illness.

Biocompatible dentists understand that your dental health can determine your overall well-being. With this inter-disciplinary knowledge, biocompatible dentists work to ensure total health by providing patients with comprehensive, holistic dental care. As a general rule, it is very difficult to achieve your ideal health if your dental needs are not addressed and tended to.  Your teeth are an integral part of your body, and you should treat them as such.

3 Reasons to see a Biocompatible Dentist

1 Minimally invasive procedures are the modern standard of care

Biocompatible dentists take an organic, holistic approach to dental care. Rather than using metal based materials, many of the procedures performed by biocompatible dentists incorporate metal-free prosthetics and advanced technology for body-friendly results. When combined with an effective oral hygiene regimen, the results of these procedures can last well into the future.

2 Improved benefits from incorporating the latest technologies.

To improve the patient experience, biocompatible dentists often integrate cutting-edge technologies into routine procedures, leaving patients with a thorough and long-lasting procedures. Advanced equipment such as laser dentistry and digital x-rays also help biocompatible dentists strategically plan a patient’s dental treatment while ensuring make comfortable care. The benefits of these innovative technologies also extend beyond the procedure itself. For example, patients receiving laser assisted dental care often experience accelerated recovery time as well as minimal post-procedural discomfort.

3 Existing conditions are always considered

Biocompatible dentists know that not every procedure is safe and healthy for every patient. You don’t have to fear going to the dentist because of allergies or material intolerances. For patients who are extremely allergic to certain materials, a Clifford Biocompatibility Test is available. Biocompatible dentists will always aim to improve your oral needs without jeopardizing your body’s overall health and harmony.

 Encourage Health Harmony- Make an Appointment Today!

Full body health begins with maintaining consistent oral health. Biocompatible dentistry considers your health needs beyond your smile and finds dental solutions that contribute to your overall wellbeing. If you’re interested in a more holistic, natural, and gentle approach, contact Dr. Bandary today for a consultation!

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